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Tree trimming in Fall River (aka “The Scholarship City”) is a necessary part of landscaping and home maintenance. Safe and effective tree pruning requires experience, tools and machinery and time most homeowners don’t have available. That’s why it’s encouraged to trust an insured and professional tree service in Fall River. That’s where we come in! MA Tree Trimming provides trimming and pruning from certified arborists across the entire state of Massachusetts – including Fall River & more! Your home’s trees will never look better than after professional tree services.


laura testimonial image“I found MA Tree Trimming searching “tree trimming near me” online. I’m so glad I did! A tree service arrived the next day and did an amazing job. Excellent service!” – Laura Miller, Fall River MA

Benefits of Tree Trimming

tree pruning in Fall River

Tree pruning isn’t only important for curb appeal and upkeep. Trees left untended to for too long typically result in several major exterior problems over time. Tree trimming services to remove dead and hanging limbs and branches is one of many tree services in Fall River that homeowners need to schedule on an annual basis. Discover some of the benefits of routine tree service here:

  • Pruning dead branches from a tree helps the tree to produce and grow new fruitful branches. Dead branches also lead to rot and disease.
  • Branch removal and cutting loose limbs reduces the chance of an accident or damage to your roof, your neighbor’s home or any nearby power lines.
  • Trimming allows homeowners to alter sun and shade levels throughout their lawn to improve their landscaping aesthetic and home’s curb appeal.
  • Pruning is helpful for limiting and stopping troublesome pest infestations within the tree.
  • Trimming trees leaves the remaining branches stronger and better able to shield and protect a house from storm damage and strong winds.


Need tree removal service? Give us a call! Fall River tree service professionals are ready to help with fallen trees, hazardous trees, emergency tree removal, stump grinding and more. You need a tree service company you can trust. You need to call us!

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Need Tree Trimming in Fall River?

Don’t wait too long when it comes to tree pruning in Fall River. In short time the limbs will become overgrown, tree issues will arise or an accident or damage might happen. If you’re wondering if right now is the right time to schedule tree services, consider any of these indicators below:

  • Tree branches and limbs are very close to power lines
  • Branches and limbs are brushing against your home
  • Limbs are hanging loosely or appear to be dying
  • Limbs are stretching over into your neighbor’s property
  • Pruning hasn’t been performed in three years or more

The Fall River Tree Pruning Process

You can expect a professional, step-by-step process to trim trees in Fall River, with steps including:

  • Property inspection to examine your trees and determine what level of trimming is necessary or whether tree removal services are needed.
  • Removal of dead limbs and branches, including water sprouts and suckers, prioritizing potentially dangerous branches and diseased limbs, leading to more light and air and a healthier tree overall.
  • Restoring the tree to proper health with precise trimming where needed.
  • Deciding the best plan for annual trimming and the ongoing health of the tree.
  • Maintaining your property and preventing damage with the use of lightweight and professional equipment for safe and optimal results.

Learn more about the types of pruning here, including crown reduction, topping, thinning, vista pruning and others. Arborists know what’s best for your property!

How Much Does
Tree Trimming Cost?

The question we hear the most is “how much does tree trimming cost?” The good news it’s not expensive. Professional pruning ranges from $250-500 depending on the size and location of the tree. However, we do recommend additional tree maintenance and treatments in order to make Fall River tree services more cost-efficient. Click here for more information on pricing.

MA Tree Trimming is Just a Call Away!

ma tree trimming logoIs it time to trim your trees in Fall River? MA Tree Trimming is here to help! We have certified arborists available with many years of experience serving Massachusetts homeowners just like you. Your trees are in great hands when you call MA Tree Trimming for tree service and maintenance.

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